Sukuk(Islamic Finance) – Khalid Yousaf

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Sukuk is the fastest growing area of Islamic finance. It enables access to wholesale financing and provides the backbone for the development of Islamic capital markets. Most issuances to date have mimicked bond structures that are ultimately dependent upon a sovereign credit. However, the use of Sukuk is rapidly expanding into other areas like project, infrastructure and real estate financings; corporate financings and true asset securitizations. The aim of this workshop is to familiarize individuals practicing in Islamic and conventional finance with the principles, structures, and methodologies and practical transactional issues relating to the use of Sukuk in modern Islamic finance. It will also  explain various structures that underlie Sukuk, including the Ijara, Musharaka, Mudaraba, Murabaha and others.

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  • The nature of Islamic principles in modern commerce and finance, including its determination and application by Supervisory Boards of Islamic Finance and the issuance of compliance in financial transactions
  • The current state and anticipated future developments in Islamic finance markets
  • Types of permissible Sukuk and the standards and parameters applicable to the structuring of Sukuk issuances
  • Ijara (lease) structures
  • Istisna'a (construction) structures
  • Sukuk al-Ijara
  • Musharaka (joint venture and partnership) and Sukuk al-Musharaka
  • Mudaraba (service-capital joint ventures and partnerships) and Sukuk al-Mudaraba
  • Murabaha (sale at a mark-up) and the use of Murabaha in Sukuk and other financing structures
  • Project financings and the use of Sukuk in those financings, including single Islamic tranche issues
  • Asset securitization Sukuk, including the study of current case studies

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